Worldwide Minute 2018

by Paula Wallis February. 22, 2018 1523 views
Share a minute with the World!

Share a minute with the World!

This is really just a post to share a fun online event with you that I host every year. It's called the Worldwide Minute and it's the 5th year running that I've been hosting it!

The rules are simple:

This is an ONLINE only event.

Stop what you're doing on March 18th, 2018, at 5:47pm in YOUR TIME ZONE (please disregard start time on the event info on facebook - facebook forces you to enter a time, and doesn't switch it up according to time zones) take a look around you, and take a photo of what you see!

Then, upload your photo to the EVENT PAGE with the following information:

*Your name

*Your country

*Your town, city, or ville (optional)

*A little information about the photograph you're sharing (optional)

This year's hashtag is #wwm2018 Feel free to share on any social media, but the main event will be over on Facebook.

We're hoping to beat last years attendance of 37 countries, so please feel free to share and invite!!

Check out the event over on facebook, if you're so inclined, and join in!

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