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Just like the other images, the cover image also has a story behind it which I would like to share in this post. There were candidates aplenty but at the time of starting this blog, the one below was the freshest in my mind in terms of being a "special" image. In addition to including two of my favourite things, an expansive landscape and a train, the image is also a culmination of a well planned and executed vacation in the Alps accompanied by unerringly splendid weather. The week flew by as I covered different hiking trails around my place of stay. Each morning starting after breakfast and returning to my abode only to freshen up before dinner.

On one such walk, I came by the clearing below with a neat farmhouse in the foreground and a sweeping vista as far as the eyes can see. The view was golden in itself and I would have taken it any other day and continued on my path...but not this day :) As I noticed a railway line dissecting the scene, an idea arose in my mind to add some "dynamism" to an otherwise "calm" image. Having familiarised myself with the train schedules along this route (as this was the only route in the region), I expected one to come by in 15-30minutes.

In the meantime, I went about visualising a suitable composition, finding a spot and waiting. If only waiting was that easy. You see, I had to leave the marked trail and head a bit into the wild flower bushes to capture the below composition. Little did I know that I was intruding upon bees that were relishing their breakfast and were in little mood for company. The next minutes were spent swishing away wildly at the bees with my left hand in a desperate attempt to define "my area" while the right hand held the camera. The eyes and ears were open to see/hear an oncoming train.

Soon I could hear a rumble on the tracks and was sure enough followed by the sight of a train emerging out of the woods. I steadied my right hand, the camera was on live-view (I had given up on composing using the view-finder) and fixed the composition. All the while my left hand was still at the bees. This was it. Just as I went berserk with the shutter-release in the hope that at least one image would stick, higher powers intervened. Clouds started moving across the sun and began to drain the light out of the shimmering landscape. Ah...well, what can you do. But it still wasn't enough to dampen my spirit as I chuckled at the turn of events. My wish for "dynamism" was granted in more ways than one :)

The below image was the best compromise between light and composition, although one can already see the foreground darkened by the fluffs of dust and water vapour. It's a lot of prose for just one image but I hope the words were able to carry you with me and make you feel a part of the adventure.

Golden view

Golden view

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Gethin Thomas 7 months, 1 week ago

Great story, beautifully written. I could hear those bees.

7 months, 1 week ago Edited
Sri V Replied to Gethin Thomas 7 months, 1 week ago

That's what I was going for! Thank you grinning

7 months, 1 week ago Edited
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