My Journey

by Allen Woodall Iii April. 22, 2017 340 views

Today (22 April 2017), I weigh 105 kilos. I have struggled with weight loss for years. I have been on crash diets and crazy gym routines, but nothing has worked long-term. 

My happiness has always been somewhat dependent on my image. I am not content with my figure, and today is the day I decide to change it. I have promised myself that I will never do a crash diet again for the rest of my life. They always say that weight loss is a lifestyle change, and I always laughed at the notion. However, I finally see the truth.

Losing weight is not a decision to be taken lightly. You will not have a temporary routine. Going to the gym and eating healthier are not temporary choices. If you commit to losing weight and changing your body, you´re also committing to life-long psychological and mental change. 

Today is the day that I promise to myself that I am willing to commit to changing my life, permanently. I have a vision of the body I want, the life I want, the relationships I want, the photos and videos I want to see on Facebook and Instagram, the clothes I want to buy and wear, the vacations I want to take, the confidence in my intimate life, and so many more things. Today, I am going to begin a life-long journey, and I want to share it. 

I will be uploading photos and entries everyday to show my progress. This is for me, but if it can help anyone else that is having the struggle I´ve had, I´m willing to put myself on the line and risk embarrassing myself to help if I can. At times, it will be difficult. I can assure that there will be ugly and unpleasant photos, but I´m willing to risk it. 

In the end, I hope I can share my journey with anyone willing to follow. I want to show that I´m capable of making a lifestyle change, and I´m excited to begin this new chapter.

Day 1

My first day.....So nervous!

Day 1

My first day of weight loss. Yikes

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