Can I Get a Window Seat?

by Wood D September. 20, 2013 7999 views

My window seat journey from Sint Maarten to Miami..

the plane..

the wing..

the runway..

and we're off the ground..

almost at sea..

almost like flying in space..

wish I knew the name of this island..

or this one..

or this one..

this one either..

do ppl even live there?

probably not..

I'd love to visit there..

here too..

so many caribbean islands..

that water tho..

look like roads.. guess somebody's down there..

looks like an underground mountain range..

maybe the Bahamas?

or not..

looks like a painting..

that underwater cliff tho..

looks like island forming..

almost there.. :)

the Miami coastline..

Little Havana?

that rainbow tho..

Are those water pools natural? Can't be..

almost there..

I'm in Miami bitch!!

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