Fair Grounds, Vaccine Recovery Location!!

by Wayne Rogge March. 14, 2021 73 views

I am one of the lucky ones. My health is really good and I am old enough to get the Covid Vaccine. It is my second shot. Local organizations have done a great job organizing and informing folks of all their options. Yes, I did not feel particularly well after the second shot. However, I am fine.

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John Durham 2 months ago

Congratulations! My second comes on the 23rd - feels like a celebration is in order.

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Wayne Rogge Replied to John Durham 2 months ago

Good Morning.  It is certainly worth a celebration.  I just wish all our family members felt the way we do about it. We live in a very weird moment of time.  We ended up just letting some members know our preferences, boundaries about it and move on.  It has not been pretty.  There are many important life lessons is folks will pay attention.  Thanks, John.  I have been a little under the weather since Saturday but much better today.  Frankly, feeling a little puny after getting vaccinated is far better than the alternative.  W>

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John Durham Replied to Wayne Rogge 2 months ago

It is hard with those who politicize this virus and the vaccine. You do learn who you can truly trust, and with my family, everyone, early on, listened to those of us with scientific backgrounds (I have a degree in biology) and who have underlying health issues. That was the real selling point, to protect our generation.

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Wayne Rogge Replied to John Durham 2 months ago

Our family differences clearly fall along the lines defined to a great extent by education and an interest in looking at what is true.  I hold a graduate degree in literature and my wife’s graduate degree is in geography with an emphasis on land use, environmental justice around issues like water.  We have one daughter who holds a phd from Cal and continues to inspire us.  Then, we move into the other two.  One of them lives in southern Texas which speaks for itself and the son is a captain in the Air Force and flies AWACS aircraft.  Our son follows what he is told to follow and really doesnt argue with the science.  The daughter in Texas is another story all together.  We have had to just let it go which has been easier for me than my wife.  Unfortunately, we seem to have a large part of our population where protection does not seem to be in their vocabulary.  We cant expect them to change.  If they are unwilling to consider their own safety, they certainly are not going to consider ours.  What a mess.  W>

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