My Backyard Escape!!

by Wayne Rogge May. 08, 2021 142 views

I have the good fortune to live on a large lot with fruit trees, a raised bed garden for vegetables and a magnificent patio with walk area that has become a treasure to us. We are into the 5th year of nurturing, planting and watching the results. The fun part is much of the growth is in wood barrel containers, pots that allow for movement for best enjoyment. We have 3 large windows that look into the back. Every window has growth showing from the patio or the fence in the background. There are 10 full size, mature cedar trees that provide protection and wild life. While we have been grounded for over a year, I am blessed to have an escape few have.

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Julia Markov 1 month ago

Liked what you posted on the other day on Photoblog!

really like your photography art! i have just started following you

May I use some of your photos on

We can share the revenue.

1 month ago Edited
Wayne Rogge Replied to Julia Markov 1 month ago

Good Afternoon.  Thank you for asking.  However, I shall respectfully pass from participating.  Regards…Wayne

1 month ago Edited