Banksy at The Bataclan, Paris, France 2018

by Wayne Rogge September. 09, 2021 146 views

Yesterday marked the beginning of the trial of terrorist in Paris, who in November 2015, attacked and killed over 100 people at the Bataclan nightclub. In 2018, Banksy visited Paris. One of his contributions was this piece, placed on a glass door, in a side alley that enters the nightclub. This past year, someone stole the door with the work on it. I am grateful to have seen this. Just down the street is another marvelous piece by Banksy as well. It is now preserved with glass over the work.

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Linda Patki 2 weeks, 6 days ago

I've just discovered your blog and am very much liking what I see so I'm following.  I've only in the last year started to be an "enthusiast" about photography and am very much interested in graffiti and street scenes as well as macros, etc.  Trying everything. I'm inspired by your work.

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Linda Patki Replied to Linda Patki 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Meant to also say, I love Banksy and I envy that you could get a shot of this door. We in Canada were also very shocked by the Bataclan slaughter.

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Wayne Rogge Replied to Linda Patki 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Our last trip to Paris consisted of hunting down all the recent work done by Banksy.  The work at the Bataclan was one of about 5 or 6 we found.  It was better than a treasure hunt.  Down the street from the Bataclan was probably the most extraordinary work we have seen in person.  It was protected with plexiglass.  I will post at some point.  We have missed being able to travel to Paris and London.  Both cities have a history of remarkable art on the street.  Banksy has provided a sophisticated way to present social issues and introduce art that has removed it from the galleries and critics.  He has helped discuss the real definition of what constitutes art.  I appreciate the kind words and thoughts.  I am now following you as well. Regards…..Wayne

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Linda Patki Replied to Wayne Rogge 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Thank you Wayne.  Last time we were in Paris was a couple of days before Christmas the year before the fire in Notre Dame.  So that was Dec. 2018.  That was about our 3rd trip - we finally visited the famous graveyard as well. I've posted pictures of the graveyard. We were only there 2 nights (stopover from New Delhi) and I was quite ill so didn't think about visiting other places.

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