guys are pigs & women might be crazy

by Ashley C January. 14, 2009 309 views

i came home from school today to see that my dvr was 96% filled. thats OD. i had to sacrifice my time and lay down on my bed and watch my favorite tv shows just so it wouldn't reach the 100 mark. i looked through all the shows and watched chelsea lately, arthur roseanne & secret life.

then i wandered over to the cosby show section and saw that it recorded my favorite cosby show EVAR. its the one where they have a bbq and all the couples fight because theo was going to hire a stripper for martin's bachelor party. the girls were mad because strippers are demeaning and vulgar and the guys were like its a party whatever dude.

i think if it was me i wouldnt be mad. i get jealous but for stupid things. like when ahmad told me stories about his past, i would be jealous. i guess it was because i wasn't there to experience it with him and that there was a time where i wasn't in the picture. but then i'd feel so silly afterwards because it makes no sense to be jealous for something like that. then for the things that i should probably be jealous for like talking to an ex and checking out other girls or talking about tyra banks tits? i didn't care. i'm not sure why but it really didn't bother me, which i guess is good because then i wouldn't have those jealous fights because they suck. they make you seem vulnerable and thats not cool – at least for me.

if i was denise, i would just have a bachelorette party for me & my friends and get a bunch of male strippers. and then post a bunch of pictures on myspace with a random guys dick in my face with my thumb s up. i'll def get picture comments. ;]

why we be smiling like we just got botox?

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Ashley H 12 years, 3 months ago

LAWL !!!!!!!!!!! <3

ash, i should be more like you. I need to be like this. I'll be at that stripper party and ill get that penis shaped cake k ?

teach me your wild ways, mate ! :D

12 years, 3 months ago Edited