wishes & dandelions

by Christopher Kowalewski May. 22, 2020 230 views
dandelion | zeiss 55mm f1.8

dandelion | zeiss 55mm f1.8

Ever wonder why we make wishes with dandelions? I have no idea why. But…

Dandelions have been a part of our culture in Europe for centuries. It was said that:

  • The more gold reflected on a child’s chin by a dandelion placed underneath, the richer s/he would be in adulthood.
  • If dandelions were intertwined in a bride’s wedding bouquet the couple would have the best of luck.
  • If a young girl blew on a whitened dandelion, the number of seeds that remained after indicated the number of children she would have in motherhood.

Dandelions are also food! We can add the flowers and leaves in our salads. We can cook the roots, similar to turnips.

And despite all these marvellous attributes, we call them weeds!

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