beautiful begonia

by Christopher Kowalewski June. 14, 2020 225 views
begonia | lensbaby sol 45

begonia | lensbaby sol 45

Begonias come in an amazing number of forms. Outside they resist all sorts of mistreatment from bad earth to drying up because we forgot to water them. They're also many that flourish inside as well with beautiful leaves. And above all they just keep flowering and flowering.

The one pictured is a bulbous begonia. The bulb looks a bit like a beaten up cyclamen bulb. Bulbous begonias appear in spring and fade away in the autumn. Normally we should bring thr bulbs in to protect them from winter's cold. I've always done this and the begonias always come back but never get stronger than the year before. However I forgot about two that spent all winter in their posts outside. And this year the flowers are significantly bigger and more splendid than ever.

I'll need to look into this as the years before I forgot the bulbs outside they died.

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