taking over

by Christopher Kowalewski July. 08, 2020 145 views
ipomea | lensbaby sol 45

ipomea | lensbaby sol 45

So, when we were given this plant a few years back, the person: “it will take over your garden of it likes where it is.” “Right,” I thought. The land we have here in the south of France is for vineyards: dry, clay-like earth in a region with extreme temperatures. I was sure this dainty blue flower wouldn‘t make it.

The first summer after we planted we were happy when it blossomed four or five times. The following year about twenty flowers for the whole summer. Las year though it took off , shooting creepers out everywhere around. It climbed a wall during that spring and right at the start of summer began to bloom. Every morning there six to ten new flowers greeting us for breakfast. This year it’s an average of twelve to twenty and we’ve had to cut it back.

Yes, our ipomea has an agenda; it wants to take over the who:e garden!

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