by Christopher Kowalewski July. 22, 2020 1015 views
lavender | lensbaby velvet 56 f/4

lavender | lensbaby velvet 56 f/4

Lavender is the scent of summer for me. Right now in Occitania, a region in the south of France, we're seeing our usual high temperatures of 30° to 35° degrees - in the shade - with arid winds. The grass has pretty much dried up to to look like yellow hay, and watering of vegetables, citrus trees and other various flowering plants needs to be done first thing in the morning and at dusk.

Though it's a rough moment in the summer for plants not native to the region, its the moment when all the balls of lavender begin to bloom. When I sit in the shade of a pine tree, the wind will bring me whiffs of this marvelous scent.

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