ripe yuzu

by Christopher Kowalewski November. 09, 2020 326 views
yuzu | lensbaby sol 45

yuzu | lensbaby sol 45

In the spring of 2019, we purchased a yuzu tree on sale that looked as if it were on its last “branch”. The few leaves left were yellowed, the earth in the pot looked awful with the roots hanging outside - it must have fallen over and out more than once.

We brought it home, replanted it and placed next to an old stone wall. Within one week we were surprised to see - yes - green shoots already popping up. By mid-July of that year, it looked pretty much like a normal young citrus. It has let go of the yellowed leaves, replacing them with nice green shiny new ones.

We’d read up on yuzus, and they seem quite the capricious type. Along came spring 2020, and yet again to our surprise, flowers! It must have 6 or 7 at the most. For us it was a sign that overall it was happy but we weren’t expecting any fruit to actually mature. And for a third time, our yuzu tree surprised and made two delicious fruit that had fully ripened for Halloween. We’ve even tried the skin, the best part of the fruit, and will make tisanes and some cookies!

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