spring narcissus on the iPhone 12 mini

by Christopher Kowalewski April. 08, 2021 293 views
iphone 12 mini | bokeh enhancement with FOCOS, lighting touch-ups with Snapseed

iphone 12 mini | bokeh enhancement with FOCOS, lighting touch-ups with Snapseed

So spring hit some time back and finally the garden has been coming back to life in sudden quickness. In October, during an odd lockdown or curfew, I bought a hundred narcissus bulbs that I planted here and there throughout the yard. Naturally I'd forgotten and like the squirrel who finds some nuts he'd forgotten about, I was surprised over the Easter weekend with all these 6-centimetre high mini daffodils brightening things up.

Equally in the boredom of ongoing lockdowns and limitations, I broke for the iPhone 12 mini -in green. After about ten hours of YouTube comparison videos with the iPhone 12 Pro Max against the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and not to mention the iPhone 12 -just- Pro pitting them against one another for battery life, photo and video quality and what not. I decided for the first time I'd take the least expensive (notice, I didn't say cheapest) iPhone option. While I'm a fan for up-close shots with lots of bokeh, I had my usual doubts on the photos I was going to get.

But surprise surprise. For the featured shot, out of the iPhone I had this:

iphone 12 mini | out of camera

iphone 12 mini | out of camera

and it's really not that bad. I decided to splurge €4 on an iOS app called FOCOS that through machine learning and AI is able to cleanly select people and objects offering a progressive out-of-focus effect. Moreover the app offers bokeh effects associated with different types of lenses. All in all, it kept me busy as I couldn't do much of anything else.

To cut a long story short, the iPhone 12 mini does a great job for many types of photos including up-close shots and if you're into generating bokeh, as I am, give FOCOS a try.

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