Tree Tradition

by Yeargin November. 27, 2011 2066 views

Every year, for at least the last 10 years, my family has embarked on a mission through the mountains on Black Friday. Sure, the tradition has many sub-traditions like Bandana's BBQ, stopping at Mountain Man Trading Post to buy Honey, Apple Butter, Stayman Apples, and Homemade Jellies, but the one true objective is to get a tree (at least I'm convinced that is the purpose of the trip, my mom likes to think it is good family time).

I can't tell you how many years my mother has said something to the effect of “lets try and keep this tree a little smaller than last year's.” I can tell you how many times we've done that - zero. Surrounded by beautiful evergreens covering the hills, we walk, as a family. We utilize a very fancy tree height measuring device made of 3/4" PVC with indicating marks at each foot along the pipe.

In past years, we've spent lots of time trying to find the perfect tree. In recent years, we've either become less particular or the tree lot has become incredibly good, because we usually only have to size up a few trees before we're ready to cut. This may be, in part, due to the usual climate on Black Friday in the Mountains. Regardless, we always end up with a beautiful fir tree large enough to mandate moving the living room furniture to ensure it fits.

I've never taken pictures of this tradition. I thought this year would be the year. I was wrong. Upon arriving at the tree lot, I decided to leave the camera in the car and enjoy the time with my family.

The one picture for this entry is the view from the trading post, a picture I took while waiting for the rest of my family to return to the car.

Every year I'm thankful for family, but this year I think I'll add family traditions to the list.

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