Final Brazil Entry - The Streets

by Yeargin March. 09, 2012 3470 views

Those of you whom I've spoken with since returning from Brazil have all heard the same statement from me - “I miss the rhythm of São Paulo already.”

This may sound like a strange statement, but I will remember this trip by the people I met and the rhythm of the city. I won't try to explain it, but suffice it to say that you should visit if you have the opportunity.

A few unique characteristics of São Paulo:

There were bright green pay phone hoods all over the city and I didn't once see one in use.

Interestingly enough, since most residents live in high rises, most vehicles are parked in underground garages. To avoid the flat pedestrian, the driveways all had these warning lights to indicate an approaching car. I thought it was a pretty cool way of keeping accidents from happening - assuming people in Brazil read signs better than people in Virginia.

Graffiti and wall art were all across the city. In some places, it looked very cool, in others, I felt bad for the owners of the property. The Street artists were also pretty good, as evidenced by the 4th picture. The last picture simply made me laugh. My first thought was“Who would paint that?” Then, my second thought was “Who would make that stencil?” I realized quickly that I wasn't going to figure out the motivation of the “art” in this picture, but I thought it funny enough to share.

If you have a chance to go to Brazil, take it.

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