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I was born post Indo - China war (pretty Obvious) and was raised in the narrow lanes of ever developing Kandivali,Mumbai. I went to chase (first Kites) then had varied dreams in commerce were i got graduated in 2005. Then i decided to work for couple of years in a Financial Service sector and completed my Master of Commerce(M.Com) via correspondence.

Luckly, I had this most amazing moment when God showerd Music into my life and made it lil interesting. I along with few 'professionals' formed a Technical Death Metal band, Primal Rage, We played at few places in and around the city and finally I decided to hang my 'Rock 'n' roll Shoes' and decided to take up photography, an inspiration that came from heaven(if there is one).

After Couple of yrs of 'not knowing wat I was doing' (Work experience) I decided to pursue MBA/PGDM( 07-09) . Now I have successfully completed MBA in some obscure course and working for a sector which was not even on my 'consideration list' (Blame it on Economic Slowdown).<rolling eyeballs>

Now as you can see , I have varied interest and with so much complexities, I would like to know how should I go about in pursuing a career in Photography ( after persuing daddy's dream of coveted B.Com/ M.Com/M.B.A combination )

As of now Photography has been a Passion that keeps me going ahead in life. .

Please criticize and comment on my work...


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