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As per request of my pals (those who are residing abroad), I have recorded some THINGYAN images on my lens. So, here is your demanding post. I named it THINGYAN YAY. At least to let you feel 2008 THINGYAN and relieve your homesick. Pls accept my apology. I couldnt manage to go to INYA ROAD. It's too crowded for me. And I do not have enough time. However, I have tried my best to travel heaps of places around downtown.

Pls feel free to write comments on my blog. Both positive and negative comments are welcome. Pls remember. Your comments are energies that let me keep my blog.

May this AUSPICIOUS NEW YEAR brings fresh and momentous happiness to you and your family. Let festive mood grow in your soul. Forget about last year and get ready to start a new year with energetic spirit. See the pictures, open some THINGYAN songs and bang your head now!!!

P.S: I am really lack of FESTIVE MOOD this year. This post is only by REQUEST. So, for those who requested me, pls WEAR YOUR SMILE now!!!

How do you feel when you see this photo? Feel like buying a ticket and back to Yangon?

Thingyan Comes Once A Year, But When It Does… It Brings Good Cheers. A poem my Dad used to show when I young.

Gosh… people here use Fire Extinguishers to play water.

Somewhere in LANMADAW township.

The one I used to play waters in my childhood days. This year, I am RETIRED!!! LOL.

KIDS PLACE: Some MANN DUTT (Stations) are crowded with KIDS.

A kid at the corner of 16th Street. Some people cannot afford to buy tickets to play at MANN DUTT (Stations). So they enjoy themselves ON THE ROAD.

I hate one thing about THINGYAN. People getting drunk like hell and look for troubles. They enter a new year with ALCOHOL?? WTF.

Another powerful FIRE EXTINGUISHER. You wanna give a try? You'll feel more than THAI TRADITIONAL MASSAGE. LOL.

Right in front of LANMADAW PLAZA (formerly known as THAN ZAYY). Heart of CHINATOWN.

Have you ever see PRESSURE GUNS that we normally use to wash our cars? Yea, some people use these guns. Don't try it, dude. You will feel PAIN IN THE ASS.

I really miss those days….

A truck becomes useful in this case. Dont you think??

Yay Tway Yay Tway So Kone Bi (Water Water Wet Wet Wet).

A kid wearing his favorite SPIDERMAN outfit and playing water.

This is the Station where you can find heaps of COOL GIRLS from Chinatown. Located on MAHABANDOHLA ROAD (between 23rd and 24th Street). What are you waiting for? Dress up now, move your ass and explore…

A shot on ANAWRAHTA (formerly known as FRAZER) road. Traffic is DIRE, weather is BURNING and my car air-con is MALFUNCTIONING. Can you imagine how did I feel?

People play water, dance with the beats and drink (alcohol) with the flow.

This kind of SMALL STATIONS also works. As long as there's water, people will come for sure.

Queuing on KANNA (Strand) road.

The FIRE EXTINGUISHER I used to hold in those days. The most powerful pipe in town. 2.5-inch pipe is powered by 2.5HP HONDA engine. Far beyond better than the best fire extinguisher in town.


THINGYAN FASHION. LOL. Don't complaint!! I know you guys wanna see such things. Aren't you??

LONELY STATION. A girl playing water alone in front of LAI LAI HOTEL.

The more the water comes, the harder he hugs his girlfriend. So, guys normally prays for more water. Only then he can hug his girlfriend harder. Lol. Will you call it THE SPIRIT OF SEXUAL MANIAC?? No comment!!

Warring Under Sunlight to get some dips of WATER.


Girls, Girls, Girls. Sigh… I wonder why can't they wear something SHORTER than this so that we can see more. LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off).

THINGYAN DANCE. Don't get wrong. He is not a FAGGOT. That's one of the symbols of THINGYAN. Guys normally dress up like a GIRL and shake his body like a typical girl dancer. That's one type of entertainment for NEW YEAR.

DANCING with a great enthusiasm and going with the melodies of MYA NANDAR (a LEGENDARY song of WATER FESTIVAL from 1950's).

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David Cardona 9 years, 1 month ago

Great post!

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Piotrek 9 years, 1 month ago

Amazing shots! Makes me smile :) NUmber 5 is amazing!

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