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This is my second set for MAUNG MA GAN beach. I used to have one post about MAUNG MA GAN. It was in 2007 August.

Friends who are from my town and those who used to hear something about the BEAUTY of MAUNG MA GAN beach had been longing to see this post. In fact, I have planned to upload it only after my GMAT exam. Conversely, I have listened to my friends.

I don't have much description about this set. Mostly, I have followed my MIND and created my ARTS on my LENS. I bet you guys would love it. These are the BEST SHOTS I have ever created in my LIFE.

So, what are you waiting for? Here's your craving set, THE INTACT BEAUTY.

This is MAUNG MA GAN beach. My shot from VIEW POINT. It was a bit cloudy on that day.

TWO FISHING BOATS anchored in the sea. This shot is dedicated to LOVE and ATTACHMENT.

Fishing Boats carrying out their daily tasks.

A Hillside lying on the east corner of MAUNG MA GAN.

This is Somewhere I Belong. When I was young, I go there every week. Now, it becomes MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for me. I even have to struggle a lot to go there once a year.

The sea surface shows the phenomenon of INSTABILITY and the nature of CHANGES.

CLOSER to the hilltop. There is a pagoda on it.

AGAINST LIGHT shot. I rarely create such shot. But this one looks quite ok though.

A Fleet of fishing boats approaching to the bank. Way Back Home and it's time for dinner.

People asked me which software I used to adjust the setting. Let me confess, I used NONE. I rarely do EDITING my arts on those software unless it is not see-able. I simply love the NATURAL BEAUTY.

SKY and SEA. PINK and ICY BLUE. Do they match? Yes, of coz.

EMPTY BEACH: At the time I was creating this shot, my mood was seriously EMPTY. Don't ask me why. The answer is quite apparent. I was missing my gal.

A kid playing on the bank. You know what is inside the plastic bag? SHELLS. He is picking up shells on the bank.

TOWARDS WEST. The Inimitability of MAUNG MA GAN beach is the X'Mas trees planted along the beach which you cannot see on any other seaside in Burma.

The ROCKY BEACH. Hundreds of rocks lying on EAST side of the beach.

A GLANCE towards the beach.

This Fishing Boat is docked on the bank. This is my BOTTOM-UP SHOT to make the trees behind BLUR.

I took this with PERFECT MOOD. I walked to the east to have this shot. Thank god, my shot was SUPERB. Worth of walking for a mile. LOL.

I promise, I will go there again in AUGUST. I am ADDICTED to this seaside. I believe I will be able to possess better shots during my next trip. Next time, I will let you see SUNRISE of MAUNG MA GAN beach yea?

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Marla Koskeno 9 years ago

Beautiful place!

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Miclaud 9 years ago

A very nice place to visit! I live on an island, near the beach and I find your landscapes wonderful! I hope they will stay intact for ever, as we wish for ours!!!

9 years ago Edited
David Cardona 9 years, 1 month ago


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