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About Me:
Allow me to introduce myself. Friends call me WILLIAM. Yea, that's my nickname. I'm a guy who is going to become a man soon. The one who crushed on Photography in his 17!!

2002, I was reading Marketing at Assumption Business Administration School. Felt so stressful and empty sometimes. Conversely, tried to find some wayz out, finally ended up with my very first camera in my life, Fujifilm S-5500. Friends always thought I have succeeded this Photography Art from my parents. Don't get wrong, both my Dad and Mom are medical doctors. When it comes to photography, I have no generation or background. It unconditionally grows only in me.

Other tips:
I am different! I rarely have SUNSETS and MOUNTAINS in my life. Because I feel BORED taking these (but I do have some). I prefer EXPRESSIONS and LIVES. Have you ever seen a kid crying helplessly? Or a street vendor warring under intense sunlight to sell his products? Yes, they are things mainly INDUCE me.

Me & Portraits:
Btw, I am sux in PORTRAITS. My friends always asked my favor to shoot at their weddings or dinners. Output is DIRE, seriously. Because I absolutely have no clue how to shoot PEOPLE who is acting like MODELS in front of my camera. So, lemme tell you. I am keen in NATURE and stuffs. Ruined buildings and old cars, yes.. they work well with me. LOL.

Me & My Arts:
I have no plan to earn my living on Photography. Photography is an invaluable hobby in my life. I DO NOT SELL my arts. You can request me if you want to have some of my creations. I will send you with mail.

Currently, Picasa is my ultimate digital darkroom. Every single day I stand on my emotion to translate the world in my eyes into the language of photography.

Thanks for visiting my gallery and may Photography bless you.


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