Bahamas day 4 part 1

by Jess Fw July. 07, 2012 3063 views

This is the day the sun got me. I'm not sure what I did wrong! I did everything like I was supposed to and still got a little sunburned. It doesn't hurt, though.

Nice view.

Ok I decided I was going to give snorkeling a try.

I practiced breathing through my mouth and it made sense while I was out of the water…

but under water it was a totally different story! Aaaaah it was terrifying!

Ok I'm done. Never again.

In the afternoon, we wandered down the beach to a water sports place

They didn't have any other customers at the time, so me and Jess got a private boat tour in a glass-bottom boat

oooh aaaah

Don't stare for too long or you'll get seasick.

It was pretty amazing!

Just when we thought we were getting kidnapped… we came to a different port and a taxi took us back to the resort. Whew, safe.

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