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I didn't take pictures of the messiest part of our project. Once the water was drained, we got in there in rubber boots with buckets of bleach and scrubbed the fish poop off that pond. This was definitely the smelliest project we've taken on at this house! Once we get it filled back up and get fish in there, I'll know how to care for the pond so that we never ever have to do this again! Yeck.

PS. I read one of my friend's status this morning where she was complaining that she's already 24 weeks and still throws up every time she brushes her teeth. How lucky am I that I was ankle-deep in swamp goo and felt totally fine?! Good job, baby ;)

I'm super duper embarrassed to admit this. The koi pond in my backyard… yeah well I didn't take care of it so well. Not because I didn't want to! I was out there every day feeding the fish and picking out debri. What I didn't know is that fish need more than just food to survive… like pH balance and healthy water bacteria and reduced algae… so um, they didn't survive. And our pond stinks :C

So we dedicated the entire day to understanding what went wrong, how to fix it, and cleaning up this whole mess. A little drinking water, music, and rubber gloves, and let's get started! Oh and the sun and moon I removed from the fence, just so we didn't knock them down accidentally while cleaning.

We rented this handy wet vac from a pond shop (YEAH, a pond shop. We are now part of this subculture that we didn't even know existed), rigged a hole in the wood fence so we didn't have to drain all of the smelly water into our yard, and got dirty.

Ben shows me how it's done.

Esa gordia!

Look what Ben found!! Another momma bird in the backyard. And he didn't ask me to take it down this time… *crossing fingers*

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Floresita 6 years, 4 months ago

Wow! The koi pond is bigger than I thought! Yaaay for sub cultures and learning about proper care and investing time!
And you are one LUCKY lady to have no problems holding down your lunch while growing a baby hehehe

6 years, 4 months ago Edited
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