week 27- the blue period

by Jess Fw November. 13, 2015 1689 views

Baby girl and I had a few glorious days of conference hotel food, snacks, sitting, and sleep this week, haha. I'm so thankful the nightmares seem to have completely disappeared! At least for now! I'm still having really vivid dreams, but they're not anxiety-ridden and scary.

Also, thanks to a new prescription from my dermatologist and a few learned makeup tricks, my dermatitis is somewhat under control and getting better every day.

My coworkers, clients, and friends have all been so nice and supportive, as have these new brand of leggings you will never get me out of (haha), so I'm feeling much better about how I look and how I tote this big belly around.

So how come I can't get over feeling SAD all the freakin time?! :( I'm all smiles and laughs when I'm spending time with Caleb. Other than that, not many things are making life happy. It's a terrifying thing for an optimist such as myself to be feeling constantly.

On a positive note: baby girl's movements are so strong now that the other night she startled me awake with one of her jabs to my gut! I was in the hotel, so I woke up in a panic thinking someone poked me in the stomach, haha! I don't remember that ever happening with Caleb. Loving those moments :)

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Floresita 3 years, 11 months ago

Love you, Jess!! I feel like it is OK to feel down, and even though it's a blue period, the best part about being an optimist is knowing that it won't keep you down too long~ The future will be brighterrrrrr possibly!! You are doing great!!

3 years, 11 months ago Edited
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