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And that concludes all of the snapchats for 2015! It's hard to believe that very soon, I'll be adding another little subject to my daily photography ❤

Click here for some video clips. []

The beginning of December marked the beginning of Caleb's obsession with tia Lydia's hand-sewn sock cat. It was no longer just a toy in his room, it's his day and night constant companion now! It's been over a month now that they are inseparable!

St Louis wanderings

In an attempt to get Caleb ready for a baby sister, we got him a baby doll to interact with. After spiking her like a football the first time they met, he has now learned to be much more gentle and nurturing to “baby nena” :)

And in the other picture, he's posing at church in a new outfit from Weli Shirleas

Caleb doesn't mess around, he knows how to party!

Don't even TRY to take away those sunglasses and party hat!
Also, this was the first time he was allowed to eat such a large piece of cake. And you better believe he ate it ALL :0

But hey, we balance it out. He loves the “Berry Beet It” from Jamba Juice with a passion. And I'm hoping to train him to do all the grocery shopping so I don't have to :P

We've had a few nights where he's slept in his toddler bed. Ben and I still prefer to put him in the crib, though, just for peace of mind.

Sock cat is off to Texas with us for Christmas vacations!
Caleb's excitement about boarding a plane is awesome.

My artist sisters getting all super crafty with the gingerbread house! Perfection!

Caleb got to hang out at EP parks (under Ben's watchful eye!) and at the mall with me while everyone else watched a movie.

And back in St Louis, we hit up what's quickly becoming a favorite spot of ours– the History Museum Clubhouse.

It's wonderful how much Caleb loves books. Sure, he's starting to become more aware of cartoons now and if I need 15 minutes, I'll pop Adventure Time on for him to stay entertained, but for the most part, he's still all about those books.
There's this one book that he likes because “daddy” is in it, hahaha

Fake shopping at a friend's house… and real shopping.

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the best ones are the ones I'm in... jk those are 2nd best

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