Super Bowl baby

by Jess Fw February. 08, 2016 973 views

I'm so thankful. And so full of love and peace and absolute joy for this little girl that is now in our lives.

Everything about this pregnancy and delivery was SO different from Caleb's. And I'm glad for that, because now I have 2 very distinct stories to tell about each of them! :D

Well what do you know, I totally called it. It's 4pm on Super Bowl Sunday and my water started leaking. I wasn't having any consistent contractions, though, so I didn't panic.

I drove Caleb to his grandparent's house, unpacked all his stuff, calmly informed people that I was probably having this baby soon, and drove myself back home.

The leaks turned into all-out “water breaking” by about 5:30. I took a shower before heading to the hospital and we stopped on the way there to get some dinner for Ben. Finally got checked in close to 7pm. I still wasn't feeling very much pain and everything was going ok! I was a little nervous but kinda felt like a pro! :)

I kept my family updated on what was going on via Snapchat, haha.

Once I was checked in, I made progress very quickly. I came in only 2cm dilated, but within just a few hours I was up to 6. And just a couple of hours after that I was at 10. I'm thankful for that! I got an epidural somewhere between, so I was never very uncomfortable.

I'm really curious as to whether I could have had a natural birth, but not curious enough to actually go through with it, haha. I trust drugs ;)

The hospital had spotty signal, but once in a while, Ben was able to catch what was going on with the game. Not that it was a priority anymore!

The last time I gave birth, I was a super low-maintenance patient. I never asked for anything and had no complaints. This time, I took full advantage of the patient snacks! hahaha. Every time a nurse would ask if I needed something, I'd ask for pudding, or popsicles, or jello, or water, or ice, whatever! hehehe just because I knew I could.

The actual birthing part of this labor was so short. It was literally 2 pushes in all of 4 minutes!!! Thank God! And then there she was… our new baby girl. I didn't get to hold her right away because there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, so they had to check her immediately. She was perfectly fine, though.

Flashbacks to seeing Caleb for the first time! That nose! Those eyes! And all that hair! Oh my heart.

Selena Michelle. It's a pleasure to meet you.

It was so surreal that she was here so quickly! When I first checked in to the hospital, I was sure it was going to take forever because I hadn't been contracting all day like I did with Caleb.

Around 2am, we rested.

And because the next morning was a Monday, some of my work duties were waiting for me, ugh. Can a girl get a break?! Maternity leave here, people! ;)

Our hospital stay was a day shorter this time than it was with Caleb. Which was perfectly fine with us– we were ready to go home! Thankfully, my labor was so short and so uneventful that I really have very little recovering to do. Lets take this baby out of here!

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