Caleb: two and a half

by Jess Fw April. 05, 2016 1487 views

Look who is at their half-birthday!

Oh, this kid. Developing more personality each day and testing the limits every chance he gets. Let's keep it simple with a list of development highlights, shall we?

Eating habits:
-Somewhat picky, but easier to feed if he has a cell phone or tablet in front of him (ha!)
-Favorites: scrambled eggs, oatmeal cookies, vanilla yogurt
-Can feed himself but doesn't like getting food on his fingers

Sleeping habits:
-Pretty solid 9pm to 8am every day, until almost 2 weeks ago that he stopped using his pacifier. He's been struggling to fall asleep now (sometimes tossing and turning until 11!), but it's just temporary.
-Likes sleeping with a random item: plastic hammer, book, water bottle… always different

-Yes. Much talking. Not totally articulate, but he's forming more and more full sentences.
-Spanish is having to compete much more with English now. I have to constantly remind him to talk to me in Spanish. I won't give up!
-Loves to say “I did it!” And I have to admit, saying “lo logré” or “lo hice” is not nearly as easy or fun :(

Motor skills:
-Moving nonstop. Jumping, running, rolling, throwing, climbing, swinging, hanging, kicking…
-Have to remind him to be gentle, especially with baby sister Selena. He thinks he is “touching” when really he is “slapping”! :S
-Currently obsessed with basketball, but really any ball will do.
-Rides his tricycle like a pro and loves to go really fast down the hill.

Potty training:
-Slow start here. He uses the potty on and off, but mostly off. Now that he's at his half birthday, it's time to speed this process up!

Other stuff:
-Caleb loves to laugh and to make others laugh, but if you laugh AT him, he is very sensitive!
-He will shut down if his pride is hurt. VERY difficult to get him to come back from an official shut down, I'm telling you.
-We ❤ him.

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Luflo 3 years, 6 months ago

Bien orgullosa de Ti mi amor, mi chinito. Como pasa el tiempo. Sigues siendo el nene lindo que me hizo "tita"

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Floresita 3 years, 6 months ago


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