Selena: 2 months

by Jess Fw April. 07, 2016 1885 views

Mi nenita linda! Pedacito de mi corazón!

Size: 11 lbs, 7 oz, that's 70th percentile! :0 Caleb never got over 50th percentile EVER. Chunksy! 22 1/4 inches, that's 50th percentile

New developments: We are finally starting to grow some eyelashes! None of her hair has fallen out yet like Caleb's started to at this point. Selena tries to laugh but can't get it quite yet! She has some kind of half-laugh going on. She always sticks her tongue out when she smiles :P

Sleep: SO MUCH BETTER than the first month. Sometimes she still struggles to fall asleep, but once she's out, she's gone. She wakes up twice at night to eat, but goes right back to sleep; unlike last month when I would stay up for an hour or more each time she woke up.

Movement: I can really feel her core and spine getting stronger. She likes to hold her head up when I have her in my wrap so she can look around. She can turn her head from one side to the other when she's on her tummy. She slaps my hands away if I'm trying to give her a bottle or pacifier. I swear!

Likes: Nursing, sitting in the Boppy, being held upright, peek-a-boo, sucking on her fist

Dislikes: Pacifier, drinking out of a bottle (which has been a challenge at daycare, but she's slowly adapting), feeling cold, me picking her nose haha.

My favorite moments: Waking up and having her right next to me. Watching Caleb trying to make her laugh :D

Here are some outtakes:

“Una sonrisa, Selena! Por favor, nenita linda!”

What's this?! Caleb! I'm trying to take a picture of your baby sister!

He wanted me to take pictures of him. “Foto de NENE, mami!”

Ok fine, Caleb. Sit next to Selena and I'll take your picture.

Ah shucks, getting all cute and whatnot.

Doesn't look like Selena minds it one bit :)

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Floresita 3 years, 6 months ago

chonchis la selena!! glad she's doing well and you are doing well <3

3 years, 6 months ago Edited
Luflo 3 years, 6 months ago

Mis dos amores!!!!! Me derrito!!!!! Albado sea mi Dios por este grande gozo!!!

3 years, 6 months ago Edited