May snaps

by Jess Fw May. 31, 2016 3630 views

I can't believe May is gone!


Ben is officially a Dr! (no, he can't look at that thing on your foot… not THAT kind of doctor)

Selena's ears are pierced

My yard is amazing

I will scream if anyone asks how my “job search” is going

Trip to EP was super fun and homey and lovely

We've gotten up to like 88 degrees (gasp!)

And video snaps are here [] :)

Oh just some fashion experiments on my baby girl. hehe

Waiting for daddy to pick us up (this is a thing now, since we only have 1 car).

Basketball one day, baseball the other, golf the next. This kid.

My mija makes me so happy!

My first Mother's Day with 2 babies.
I joined this baby wearing group and I've met a bunch of hippie moms. It's fun!

Plus, I get to check out all kinds of wraps! This is my rental for the month, a size 4 beauty :)

Selena's hair is all sorts of crazy! The texture is different from Caleb's at the same age, and it's longer.

I can read a book to Caleb 4 times, and after that he has it mostly memorized. Amazing!
I've been kind of obsessed with my yard this year. I think my plants know it because this vine sprouted flowers for the first time! Love love love it

At Ben's graduation. Selena was a handful when she was awake, but thankfully she was asleep most of the time.

Caleb was all stylish and cute and all, of course ;)

We had Selena's ears pierced a couple of weeks ago. Looking good, silly face!

Caleb had a bad stomach bug for 2 days. Mamma was TIRED!

Selena loves to watch Caleb run around. She loves her big brother :)

Caleb hanging out with his best buddy, Tres.
Selena showing off a gummy grin

Caleb insisted on bringing his bike to the park one day. I told him he could bring it but that I wasn't going to help him, and he pushed that bike all the way up the hill by himself! I couldn't believe it.

Helping with the yard… and monkeying around in the park. As long as we're moving all the time!

Outside the daycare. I found that shirt at H&M, so fun, right?! H&M has my favorite toddler clothes hands down.

Ben traveled with me to EP for the Memorial Day weekend. I always went by myself, and then it was just me and Caleb, but I am not quite brave enough yet to travel with both kids by myself! Thanks for coming, honey!

I was nervous that Selena wasn't going to let my parents hold her, because she's been very fussy about anyone but me holding her. But thankfully she was ok with it after the first day! Whew, I got myself a little break!

Caleb loved every minute of the trip. I'm so glad he's such a cooperative kid.

Across the border in Mexico, checking out the market. My wrap came in handy when Caleb decided he didn't want to walk anymore! Daddy to the rescue!

Me and Selena enjoyed a Chamukin, yummy!
Ben had a red shlushy from a gas station, mehhh.

Caleb loves cake, so his Tita taught him how to make one! Selena and I just watched… hehe

I just can't express my love for these people enough.

Look at this cutie in her Mexican dress! I just can't!!!

Bugambilias in the back yard ❤

This just came in today. Caleb's school pictures. They are TERRIBLE! It's like those photographers didn't even try, not even a little bit! Oh well… so I'm just poking fun at them.

I mean, seriously, you can make Selena laugh by just looking at her… how in the world does anyone get her to look so so mad?! My poor babies. You deserve better photography than this! :P

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buurrggg... I'm realizing how much growing is happening ;_;

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