Selena: 6 months

by Jess Fw August. 11, 2016 500 views

Half a year! Oh my goodness! It was a big month for Selena.

Size: Probably 15.5 to 16 pounds. 

New developments: I introduced avocado a few days ago (another post on this coming soon). TWO teeth that popped right out, no fever, no fuss, no nothing, just buckets and buckets of drool. Talking and talking, especially when she is getting tired and wants to take a nap.

Sleep: Great month for sleeping, no complaints. She still wakes up at least twice to eat, but I feel rested and she eats and goes right back to sleep. I'm in absolutely no hurry to have her sleep through the night because if she doesn't wake up to eat, I have to get up out of bed to pump in the middle of the night. So yeah, we are good. 

Movement: She started flipping from tummy to back right at about 5.5 months, and can now sit up unassisted for good periods of time (until something distracts her and she topples over). She can wiggle right out of any place I put her, it's so funny that I'll be giving Caleb a bath and Selena can shimmy herself across the bathroom floor!

Likes: Chewing on EVERYTHING (including my hair, gross). Laughing with Caleb, wiggling her legs in the air like she's running a race, playing with toys that have buttons and lights, sitting in her Bumbo, napping in the wrap.

Dislikes: STILL doesn't like anyone else but me (and now Ben, too, thankfully) holding her. She did ok with my parents after a day or two, but otherwise, people can hold her for a few minutes at a time and that's it! 

My favorite moments: Hearing her "talk" more :)

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Floresita 3 years, 2 months ago

AUGHHH I FORGOT babies don't have teeth!! gross
Anyway, I love that headband. Great shots, Jess :)

3 years, 2 months ago Edited