Selena: 7 months

by Jess Fw September. 19, 2016 676 views

I am BEYOND late putting these pics up. In my defense, I just started a new job so that's basically my excuse for everything for the next few months. :P

Size: No idea. I still haven't taken her in for her SIX month appointment, can you believe it?! Bad. I'd guess 17 pounds maybe? She's a chunk.

New developments: She's picking up on the sign for "milk." She absolutely adores her big brother and basically swoons over every little thing he does, it's super cute. 

Sleep: We had a rough few nights this month because she had a cold and lots of congestion to go along with it, so for 2 nights I basically loosely wrapped her on me and slept in an almost sitting upright position so she could breathe. Other than those few nights, no complaints. 

Movement: Selena doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere, ha. She sits up really well and although she can't pull up on anything by herself yet, she loves for me to stand her next to something she can hold on to. She's still kinda wobbly at it, though. She's not the least bit interested in crawling or even rolling like Caleb was at this point.

Likes: Watching Caleb play and "chasing" him (either Ben or myself will carry her in the air and run after Caleb; she laughs hysterically), giving people the side-eye, saying "dadadadada", munching on anything I put in her tray, "reading" books.

Dislikes: Anyone except me or Ben holding her. I'm wondering what month I will be able to say this is no longer a dislike?!  

My favorite moments: I feel like she is more conscious of "kissing" and actively gives me kisses, especially when I pick her up from daycare. LOVE this baby :D

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