Selena: 8 months

by Jess Fw October. 23, 2016 857 views

Ok, so she's technically 8.5 months. It's been a busy month! And of course, on the one morning I actually have some time to take a picture of her, she is not having it. I couldn't get a smile out of her for nothing! And the lighting is bad, and the onesie is not even purple for real... argh this is as good as it's going to get right now.

Size: 16 pounds, 2 oz (50th percentile), 25 1/4 inches (20th percentile)

New developments: Sprouting more teeth! She's got a third tooth on the bottom and one of her top front teeth came in. The other one is working it's way through, it'll be here soon. Selena is living up to her namesake with lots of clapping, dancing, and singing!

Sleep: She has started cutting out her evening nap, which seems too soon to me! She'll take a mid-morning nap, an afternoon nap, and sleeps about 11 hours at night (still waking for feedings, though), usually about 8pm to 7am. It's working out just fine with my new work schedule, so no complaints.

Movement: Right when she turned 8 months, she was not interested in rolling, crawling, or even reaching in the slightest. She did like to stand holding on to something, though. Now, 2 weeks later, she is rolling a lot more and showing a little bit of effort in getting on her hands and knees and rocking to attempt a crawl. 

Likes: EATING. This girl, seriously. I mean, she'll chow down on chicken and turkey better than Caleb, ha! Watching Caleb play. Playfully pulling my hair, pinching my cheeks, picking my nose, hahaha. Clapping, pretending to read, hanging on to me like her life depends on it, especially when other people are around.

Dislikes: Anyone except me or Ben holding her... yes, still. Caleb stealing a toy away from her. Having a dirty diaper (new this month).

My favorite moments: When she breaks into song and dance. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it!

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