Selena: 9 months

by Jess Fw November. 20, 2016 1268 views

Mi "chonchis monchis"! Corazón de mi vida!

Size: Right at 17 pounds. 

New developments: Look at all them teeth! She's also being more vocal about what she likes and doesn't like. 

Sleep: No more evening nap, with only one or two exceptions all month. No more morning nap anymore either, unless she had a rough night. So on a typical day, she's down to one 2-hour nap in the middle of the day and that's it. Bedtime is right at 8, though, and she sleeps good all night. Still wakes for a feeding or two, but I barely notice, ha.

Movement: She turned 9 months and was still not interested in crawling. Now, though, at 9.5 months, she is moving by dragging her booty along the floor and scooting with one leg. It's a funny movement, not quite a crawl, but hey she's getting around! It's not so easy to do on carpet, though, so she likes being on the hardwood floor.

Likes: This girl eats better than Caleb ever has, for real. Last night, I ate some chicken wings in buffalo sauce, and she was right there eating off the same plate and savoring every bite. I tried my best to wipe the buffalo sauce off, of course, but I'm sure there was a little bit of the flavor still on there and she didn't mind one bit. She likes singing and dancing, ANY TIME some music comes on, there she goes, shaking her little hips, so funny! She loves bath time, even if it's not her night for a bath (I have her on an every-other-day schedule, vs big brother who gets a bath every day), she loves standing right next to the tub and watching Caleb. She still loves to nurse. My milk production has slowed down a bit, which I'm thankful for, but it means she's better about drinking her bottled milk at daycare now. There are a couple of toys she really likes, including "baby Nena" and a stuffed Mickey Mouse (to my dismay, *sigh*). 

Dislikes: She's still not a fan of being held by other people, but I think we are learning that consistency is key. If she is around certain people for at least a couple of hours, she will start to allow them to hold her. Hopefully this keeps improving!

My favorite moments: When I'm reading a book to Caleb and she points along as I'm reading. When she's nursing, almost falling asleep, but hears a little music and sleepily wiggles to the tune in my arms, haha :D

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