still alive

by Jess Fw March. 03, 2017 1010 views

Well yes, I'm still alive and I'm finally back on photoblog!

In a tragic turn of events, mid-December, my computer crashed and took lots of my photoshop files with it. I sat on it for a while, just praying for a miracle. Then I enlisted a good friend and computer genius to help fix it. And finally, when it was decided that the time and investment was not worth it, Benito went out and stole a new computer for me. OH I mean, he "negotiated a deal". 

Anyway, I'm still in a little bit of mourning for the stuff that is left undone. Selena will never have a complete set of one year monthly growth pictures... *tears*

I hope to at least catch up on monthly snapchat pictures within the next day or two.

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