a snappy birth story

by Jess Fw September. 04, 2018 522 views

Finally August! Even my maternity tankini is struggling to keep it together with this huuuuuge baby belly in the way of everything.

I took that picture just to give my family and bff a chuckle about how HUGE I was, but I'm so glad I took it. It was Friday the 3rd in the afternoon, and I decided to treat myself to a couple of hours at the pool to give my sore back and tailbone a little break. Little did I know that baby #3 had already decided she was not going to wait around for my due date and was coming soon!

That Sunday morning, my water broke around 6am. I couldn't believe it! TWO weeks early?!

Ben quickly got in touch with family and as Lydia made her way over to watch the kids, I got dressed and ready, packed up final things, sorted laundry (ha), and cleaned up a bit before heading out.

Once we were at the hospital, everything felt... familiar. I'm so thankful I've delivered all 3 babies at the same hospital and have had good experiences each time. I wasn't having hardly any contractions, so we just kind of sat around for a few hours watching Netflix and chatting as we waited for the action to start.

When the contractions started, they came on fast and strong! I was in natural labor for almost 2 hours before they could get the epidural in me. It was intense!

And once the epidural was in, things progressed even more quickly. Within the hour I was fully dilated and baby was ready to make her appearance. The doctor arrived and just half a push later (seriously, not even one whole push), the newest Washington had arrived!

After a couple of hours of bonding time and baby's first feeding, we were ready for visitors.

Caleb had been anxiously awaiting this day for weeks! He was so excited, he didn't know what to do with himself! I asked for Selena to be kept at home because I had a hunch it was all going to be a little too much for her to take in.

I'm so thankful for my support system. They give me peace of mind, comfort, and practical help and this little family is so lucky to have them!

Our next day and a half at the hospital was pretty uneventful, except for a terrible epidural headache I had to manage. Other than that, Ben was in and out managing paperwork, kids' schedules, etc, leaving me and baby to recover together.

It's so surreal that she is already here. Jasmine Nicole, at 5 pounds, 13 ounces, your teeny tiny self is welcome into our loving home! :) My all for you always, baby girl.

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