December snaps

by Jess Fw January. 15, 2019 238 views

Caleb's school Christmas program... well really it was just ONE song, not a program. I heard that one song a good 80 times! He was always singing it!

At Adam & Shannon's baby shower.

Grand opening of a corporate office designed by uncle Adam!

These kids can even turn a regular office space into a play area, haha.

Caleb LOVED everything Christmas this year. It was so fun to see! He would see a display like this and immediately ask me to take his picture. And Selena tags along, of course. In the second picture, she had just discovered her jeans had pockets and was really excited about it!

Christmas celebration in St Louis.

Presents, Santa, and an extra "Fireman Santa" 😉

Jasmine discovered her toes, and Caleb discovered Snapchat.

Texas trip! Everything went smoothly on the kid side of the plane, and I heard NO complaints from the Ben side of the plane 😆

We had such a great time in Texas!

And south of the border, too, where Caleb got to play with lots of Spanish-speaking cousins!

It was over so so quickly... back to St Louis!

I had a few more days off work and the kids had a few days off school, so we made the best of it. We hadn't been to McDonalds in probably close to 2 years! I remember the last time we went, Selena had just started walking!

Adam and Shannon took the big kids on a Polar Express train ride.

It's taken some effort to explain to Caleb that Christmas is over. He keeps seeing Christmas lights or displays and says, "see! It's STILL Christmas!"

He'll figure it out. In the meantime, we'll just keep having fun!

Good-bye 2018! It was fun!

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