baby's first 5 months

by Jess Fw January. 22, 2019 319 views

Please excuse the picture quality. I don't have a bunch of time to devote to picture taking and editing like I used to, so I decided early on that if I wanted to give her monthly pictures, they would have to be cell phone shots of cardboard numbers 😏

But they are taken with love!

Jasmine has brought even more joy to our home than I could have imagined. She smiles non stop; that big gummy grin just lights up whatever room she is in! She likes to hold my hand while she nurses and she likes to touch my face while we sleep. She's been easy to feed, easy to sleep, easy to please. Her eyes sparkle and she wants to be included in whatever is going on, especially playing with her older sibs. She doesn't say much yet, but her facial expressions are always so vivid, I feel like I know just what she's trying to communicate.

Caleb absolutely adores Jasmine. He hugs and kisses her generously, he loves holding her in his lap, and he helps me soothe her during car rides by giving her the pacifier and playing peek-a-boo. He's a wonderful big brother to her!

Selena is more accepting of her little sister (and stolen spotlight) now than she was 5 months ago, ha! She likes to give Jasmine kisses on her head and will point to her and say, "baby Jazzy". That's about it for now, haha.

It's a little tough for me watching her go through this infant phase so quickly. I'm trying to hold on to every little moment and some days I just feel like I can't possibly hold more happiness in my heart; like if she makes one more cute noise I will absolutely burst! So cheesy, I KNOW! I feel abundantly blessed these days!

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