February snaps

by Jess Fw March. 04, 2019 210 views

Did February even happen this year?! It went by WAY too quickly. Maybe we can just ignore that I turned 36, then ;)

Dee and I caught a poetry reading, ate Ethiopian, and perused some exhibits down in the Arts District. And Ben survived his first "alone" experience with all 3 kids, haha. He did just fine.

Channel 4 caught us having some good family time down at the new arch museum. We were on the news and everything :D

Really nice renovation.

And then this little girl turned 3 :)

She wore her tiara all day at school.

The other 2 had a great February also. Jasmine a whole HALF a year old! And Caleb is reading everything in sight. So so so smart.

His writing is getting better too. He insisted on writing out every Valentine for his classmates all by himself.

[The bandage on his head was just pretend "doctor" play]

He's been wanting to help me in the kitchen more often too, and of course I welcome it!

Selena's been a little obsessed with this hairbrush, always wanting to "brush" her hair and everyone else's.

One morning, she threw up at school, so they sent her home. Instead of taking yet another PTO day, I just brought her out to work with me (because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the girl)! She had a great time handing out samples and riding in my wrap in and out of medical office buildings for 2 days.

Caleb and Selena completed their "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" program at the library, phew! That's a lot of books!! We've been working on this program since the beginning of 2017 so I'm glad to see it come to an end, and very proud of my kiddos for all they've learned along the way. Soon I'll have to go through it again with Jasmine! ayyy

We love hanging out at Dee's house. She has all the cool toys! haha

Jasmine wasn't her super happy self for about a week and a half as she was working on sprouting teeth. She has 2 poking through now, and thankfully is back to her smiley self.

This has been a tough winter. A few snow/extreme weather school closings and early dismissals, illness, and cabin fever have really started to take their toll on this mami. Thankful every day for my family and continuously looking forward...

Here are the video clips of the month :)

And here's a video of a family dance class we all took- don't laugh too hard at my terrible dancing! Our family shows up at the 3:20 mark.

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