March snaps

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Loving on her daddy ❤

I took the kids to watch a play. There was a character with a big costume head that spooked both kids, so when the show was over I asked the actor if he could show them the costume. They both declined to try it on, ha, but at least they were able to see it was not real.

One last snow day before spring! The guys were out, so it was up to Selena and I to shovel the snow.

They were at a monster truck show!

Sydney is like... what have I been born into... ha

Caleb playing around with a selfie stick

I rented a nice long wrap this month so I could start wearing Jasmine on my back. She likes it! And that second picture is during a "window art" activity where I had the kids draw on our dining room windows. Caleb drew me with big muscles because he said I'm very strong. It really made me laugh!

Stealing Dee's new phone to check out the specs 😉

Out and about one weekend... ice cream, walk around the mall, and visiting grandparents... here they made themselves comfortable in their bed

Am I gonna be the smothery aunt that pinches cheeks and gives lots of kisses? Yes, I already am. hehe

Ninja Caleb doing some karate chops... and then playing around with the special effects on Snapchat, haha.

Well there seems to be a "problem" with the drain in the yard, but the kids see only "fun"!

I waited until Dee left for work, then I sneaked into her apartment to leave a birthday surprise. She turned 29 this year but the "Almost 30" thing is... ah nevermind, inside joke 😜

And for Ben's birthday (the same day), we went out for a nice steak lunch (seared tuna steak for me, thank you very much) and watched Captain Marvel. Yesssss

Official birthday celebration for Dee was a Korean BBQ dinner and an event at the glass factory. We had a tag-along that insisted on coming 🤦‍♀️

Selena's been obsessed about brushing hair. Her own, her dolls, and everyone else's.

New library and a nice day out for park-ing, yay!

Nice weather also means we can finally resume work on the back yard. Little by little, making progress!

My heart :)

Selena cracks me up. I'm telling you, the world isn't ready for this one!

Yes I'm a pro at finding every kid activity around town. Living the dream 😉

Babies everywhere!

Caleb and Selena were chosen for a promotional photo shoot. It was kinda cool!

And once the shoot was over, we got to keep the clothes they put them in AND play for free at this new interactive museum :)

Serious daddy play time at the Flying Spider.

Super jealous of my sister's new phone. First picture is against the light, with a motion blur back... second picture is with the light, front focus/bokeh back, ugh! Perfection!

Here are the video clips for the month!

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