April snaps

by Jess Fw May. 06, 2019 336 views

Caleb is reading nonstop. He is SO ready for kindergarten (and beyond)!

Early in the month, he woke up with a fever, so I had him stay home with me. He did fine the first day but instead of getting better, the second day he seemed worse. So a visit to the dr's office was in order.

Somehow the flu missed him when both girls got it at the beginning of the year, and it was his turn now :(

Jazzy is thriving! She's a great eater, we haven't seen any allergies yet, thankfully, and although she hasn't gotten the hang of crawling yet, she scoots around pretty well to get where she wants.

Caleb was sick for a full 5 days! Poor kid! I have never seen him so miserable. And just when he was well enough to get back to school... Selena came down with a little virus too. Ugh!

So then it was HER turn to go to work with me. Feels like I've had a kiddo with me a whole lot lately! At least it makes my work lunches interesting :)

Thankfully, they were both well again by the time we started Easter egg hunting. This was hunt number one in Clayton. Caleb got a basket full while Selena put two or three eggs in hers, haha.

Then we were off to hunt #2 in Overland. Selena was still a little dazed about what to do, but Caleb was all over it again and shared his prizes :)

Spring flowers! Lovely to see, terrible on my sinuses!

This baby is growing so so so fast. *tears*

Hunt number three was at church, where Selena finally got the hang of things and gathered a decent number of eggs.

She also made progress in the area of costumed characters... haha! In the past she would have screamed at the sight of this big bunny!

Back at home we are spring cleaning and updating like crazy. Rock beds all got refreshed and new plants installed.

Hunt number four! For cascarones this time! Ben and I hid the eggs all over the park and then we had a blast smashing them on each other.

Dee was out of town half the month visiting my brother in Japan, so she missed Easter Sunday with us. No worries, we saved plenty of cascarones for her too! We didn't really hide the eggs this time, just decorated and got to smashing.

Funny story... while we were at the park, having a blast cracking cascarones, a lady that was there with her husband and kids called security with the complaint that "some people" were "throwing eggs" at the park. Security showed up to question us about it, so we explained what the Mexican tradition is and had a good laugh. Sorry not sorry!

Video clips for the month here :)

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