May snaps

by Jess Fw June. 06, 2019 344 views

Caleb took a tour of the elementary school he will be attending in the fall, and we all got to ride on the school bus to see what it was like. My big boy :)

And the girls?! Doing fabulous this month.

Jazzy is mobile and you can't stop her! She doesn't crawl, just scoots on her butt, but she is still FAST and can make a mess in no time, ha.

What beautiful days we have had this spring!

Being a mom is my favorite thing. These babies just make my heart swell.

We took our first road trip as a family of 5. Not gonna lie, it was ROUGH. But we made it!

We got to be at one cousin's Eagle Scout ceremony and at another cousin's high school graduation party. The kiddos did pretty well, and this mami survived!

Caleb asked if he could bake cookies after reading a book where Pete the Cat bakes cookies. Of course I'll encourage his participation in the kitchen any time! So I helped him make a batch of cookies and then he insisted on sitting in front of the oven the whole time they were baking to make sure they wouldn't burn (because the cookies burn in the Pete the Cat story, ha). Baking success :)

My parents' Memorial Day weekend visit, yay :D

Jazzy had no trouble warming up to Papa and Tita!

My dad's legendary carne asada in the all-renovated back yard made for a great party.

Family love love love

Dee taking the best pics with her phone! JELLY

This year is flying by. I'm trying to find the good and joy in every minute :) :)

Video clips here

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