June snaps

by Jess Fw July. 10, 2019 230 views

Caleb trying brownie baking this time. They were yummy :)

Friday afternoon date for us. It had been... what... 7 or 8 years since we did this??

My garden growing, and my Jazzy's teeth growing!

Finally getting some summer heat!

I'm remembering what a difficult time I was having with Selena's behavior at this time last year. So thankful my chiquita has learned some coping and communication skills that have us on much better terms this year!

She really wanted to push Jazzy in the cart (and Jazzy really wanted to be pushed, ha), but I would only let her try for a minute ;)

Caleb up to his usual tricks!

Caleb's lost 4 teeth so far! Two have earned him quarters, one was lost, and one was accidentally eaten, haha

So glad I went with the rosebush. It's growing and blooming like crazy.

Logistics for 3 kids... bunk beds became a must-have.

We are enjoying our back yard so very much. Thank you, Ben!

This little one! I'm trying to hold on to the "baby" as much as I can but she just wants to keep growing so fast!

My kiddos. My family. My everything always! Loving you every day is everything I need!

Video clips for the month are here :) Hello, summer!

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