September snaps

by Jess Fw October. 29, 2019 275 views

Summer coming to an end... still enjoying warm days and fun activities ;)

Labor Day gathering with family

After a rocky start to our morning routine for the school year, we finally settled on a good bus/drop off combination for all 3 kids in 3 different schools 😅

We've been very happy with Caleb's elementary school. So much communication, lots of activities, and tons of learning.

This year's trip to the neighborhood fall carnival was different because Caleb saw so many of his friends and didn't mind just leaving us behind!!

Tak & Sae joined us too :)

This baby can EAT! She has not met a snack she didn't like!

Sky Zone outing with Dee

Visiting Sushi at Tak & Sae's house

Caleb spent the night, he had a blast and didn't want to come home, waaaaa

Quick visit from my parents, yay! Caleb calling out the Lotería cards 🎴

McKenna's pool birthday party

Baby Jazzy on the go go go go

LEGO Club... building mazes

HELLO I GOT A NEW PHONE!!! Do you see this picture QUALITY?! 👓🧡💜

STEAM Night at Selena's school

Me trying to take a selfie for a job thing and Ben bombing my frame

Love 💙

September video clips here

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