October snaps

by Jess Fw November. 04, 2019 252 views

Hello fall! Just hanging out in the back yard

On the morning of Caleb's 6th birthday, he participated in a Fun Run competition. My nene did amazing! Ran a WHOLE MILE (with Ben trailing behind, haha)!

Then it was back home to open some presents.

And then off to go crazy at an arcade! The girls had a blast too :)

I'm always amazed at how courageous Caleb has always been about trying EVERYTHING. Such a brave boy, may he never ever lose that 💙

Jazzy was up in there acting like she REALLY knew what she was doing, haha

In the evening... cake time!

...and s'mores 🍫

Selena likes to "comb" my hair. She does NOT like to pose for pictures, so if she is in the right mood, I am taking full advantage!

We found an app to compliment Caleb's new lego sets, so he has been busy building all kinds of stuff!

This itty bitty baby does not KNOW she is itty bitty. She wants to do all the things the big kids are doing.

Pumpkin patching!

Caleb's school garden.

Volunteer Saturday at the veterans' home.

These kids love their tia 🥰

That "job thing" I mentioned last month... oh I got a new job! I was very happy at my last job, really it was ideal for the stage of life our family is in. I wasn't looking or interviewing at all, but I kinda got recruited for this new opportunity and so far it's turning out to be a great fit! I already have relationships with a few of the people at this company and I'm familiar with the territory... so far so good!

We found this book at the library and it quickly became all the kids' favorite. I read it over and over and renewed the loan 3 times, ha, and they only allowed me to return it with a promise that we would look for it again "after another kid gets the chance to read it".

This little baby. She's so amazing!!! 😍

All the Washington granddaughters playing with Welita.

What precious moments with these kiddos. I am the most fortunate mamma 🤩

Video clips here

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