November snaps

by Jess Fw December. 06, 2019 378 views

These fall colors 😍 and this gorgeous model 🤩

I got really excited about Día de los Muertos this year. I've always liked it, but now I have people to share it with and that makes it even cooler, yay!

So cool that St. Louis puts on a big event at the History Museum, I love my city!

My pulguita preciosa te amooooooo

Is Selena starting to actually understand to LOOK at the camera?!! awwww

That little one does NOT stay behind. Whatever she sees the big kids doing, she wants in on it too.

Ojitos bellos

My mamacita!!! Coming to the rescue when I have to be away from my family for TWO WHOLE weeks!

And here's where I was. Up in Chicago training on a new company, new product, new business targets... lots and lots of studying with this fantastic group of people. Besides missing my family like crazy, it was actually pretty fun!

Over the weekend we karaoke'd, toured downtown Chicago, watched a Bulls game, and ate all kinds of deliciousness. I've made great friends and feel so fortunate to have this position, not going to take it for granted not one minute!

A few things that kept me encouraged through the trip: A care package from my team, flowers from my honey, and daily notes/snapchats from my babies 😭💜

And just like that, it was over and I was back home with my babies and hubby! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Besos all around!!

This is probably the last of the fall foliage... winter coming in strong this year

Thanksgiving at Londia's.

Adding more Flores' to the crew!

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