January 2020!

by Jess Fw February. 18, 2020 205 views

New year, same ALWAYS HUNGRY baby! Jazzy devours everything in sight but never grows, haha

Visiting one of the great grandmas, and playing dress up in her very elaborate wardrobe.

The girls have developed this routine every day when we pick Caleb up from school. They walk through the front door holding hands, stop at the tank to admire the fish, then walk to the cafeteria together. Sweeties ;)

And in the evenings, as I say "vamos arriba!" ("let's go upstairs!") everyone runs up, even Cat. Caleb always "wins" (although if he doesn't get up there before Selena does, he claims it was NOT a race that time).

Caleb's teeth keep falling off and big teeth coming in.

Sydney's first birthday! How many camera phones can be pointed at one baby at a time?? So cute.

Pretty impossible to get a good picture of 4 kiddos 😂

Caleb started soccer lessons. The girls got in on the action too, although they weren't officially part of the class... they have coach Daddy

Snow day!

So apparently this "100 days of school" thing exists. We had fun making this project! Caleb handled the drill like a pro!

Lost 2 wisdom teeth but none of the wisdom (womp womp...)

Making this soccer class work for all of us!

Here are the video clips for the month.

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