February 2020

by Jess Fw March. 18, 2020 224 views

Very hectic start to this year, I have to say. I'm trying my best to keep things consistent for our family, which includes a weekly trip to the library and at least 3 books at bedtime.

Another cumpleaños for me! Ethiopian dinner, stroll down Cherokee street, and lots of laughs at Trilogy Apartments, haha. Hello, 37, I'm delighted to meet you.

Birthday celebrations continued as I shared my day with groundhogs, Chiefs, and record-breaking warm temperatures 🎉🎈

Big thanks all around for my local support system 💖

And just 5 days later, la Chelly gets HER birthday celebration! FOUR years, mija!

Lots of gifts and love for my bella princesa.

Saturday morning. No telling if these girls woke up with bows in their hair or if they had me put them on first thing in the morning. Pajamas or not, Selena loves her accessories, haha!

Second year in a row the flu gets my Nene, boo. At least the girls stayed healthy!

Funny habit Jasmine has picked up. I thought she only did it at home, but then I got this picture from daycare! 🤣

Our gym had a "family" day with activities for the kiddos.

And HELLO lovely spring-preview day!

Cat turned 10 years old this month. She's basically a senior cat! In her old age, she's gotten much cuddlier in general and actually looks for the kids to pet her.

Pretty snow!

I usually give the girls unfrosted pop tarts, but they were out of stock so I got these frosted ones for the first time. Jasmine was TOO FUNNY, licking the icing off! Oh myyyy!

Early Childhood program had a "prom", what a hilarious concept! These 2 princesses danced the night (2 hours, ha) away!

And now these girls won't let the tiaras go, hahaha. It's princess time all the time!

Video clips here :)

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