March 2020

by Jess Fw April. 04, 2020 475 views

Looking back on the pictures for this month has made me very emotional...

Everything started just like any other month. Kids having fun with school Spirit Week activities,

...evening and night routines just as they have always been...

...and our weekends out and about finding any fun event to keep us moving!

This was an early Holi festival in the neighboring town. Such a blast!

And, of course, our trusty neighborhood park where these children test the limits of gravity (and my protective instinct)!

It was right in the middle of the month that something shifted. Lyds and I were out celebrating her birthday and talking about all the concerts and events that were being cancelled left and right. Was this thing real? Is it actually going to affect us?!

We joked about it but did our thing.

We even threw a "CV" sign while submerged in who-knows-what is hiding in that ball pit. But... we scrubbed our hands extra hard when we got out...

Before the weekend was over, we were notified of more changes. Our jobs, the kids' schools, and really LIFE as we knew it all changed.

Really, we are so fortunate. We are completely stable, everyone is healthy, and we have more than enough resources at our disposal and a strong support circle to keep us going.

But I'm not gonna lie, it has been TOUGH.

To find myself suddenly the coordinator of the kids' learning activities AND still needing to complete tasks for my job AND all my mom/wife duties at home AND not have the relief of weekend events or even the library is A LOT!

We are making it work! Balancing school work with creative play,

"nature walks" in lieu of playground visits,

trying as much as we can to stick to routines but allowing flexibility for a certain princess to dress as she likes,

and using our imagination to turn our little cul-de-sac into whatever adventure we want!

In the evenings, coach daddy gives a P.E. lesson,

and as long as it's not raining, we can take a few lessons outside...

...especially science and art!

Video clips are here :)

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Shirleas 1 year, 1 month ago

Thanks for the photoblog. I like having this repository of photos at my disposal. Welita

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Jess Fw Replied to Shirleas 1 year, 1 month ago


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