April 2020

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Another month at "Escuela de Mami" and I'm proud to report we have fallen into a comfortable new normal with the help of our support system. Caleb's and Selena's teachers have sent over loose lesson plans and activities to keep them engaged, video lessons and technology have provided endless material, and in-laws have stepped in for additional help when it all gets to be a bit too much!

This month of social distancing has been difficult. The isolation alone took a big toll on me initially and I had a few rough days. But once we got into a good routine (and worked hard at sticking to it), I've maintained good emotional stability and focused on making this a positive, healthy, and loving environment for the whole family.

The kids don't ask about going to school or about using the playground equipment anymore.

We busy ourselves with walks around the neighborhood and the running trail...

...and with science experiments and fun facts ("did you know the Spanish alphabet has extra letters?") :)

The little bit of actual Pattonville ISD we get comes in the form of Caleb's biweekly check-ins with his teacher and Selena's weekly virtual storytime with her teacher.

I feel really lucky, honestly. I'm getting an exclusive front-row 24-hour look at how my children are growing, learning, and developing. The bond we are forging is priceless.

And we are having so much fun :) :) 🥰

My sister joined us for an Easter egg hunt. Jazzy jumped right in! That baby needs no directions, she just observes and is ready to go!

It has been so lovely to watch my 2 girls get so close.

Most days I'm in yoga pants and a t-shirt. I do still wear a little eye makeup just so I don't scratch my eyes (allergy month hack, ha), but for the most part my hair is in a ponytail and my feet in tennis shoes. But I've had to take a few pictures for work stuff so it's given me a reason to get just a little more dressed up, at least for a few minutes!

Rainy days inside, but sunny days are spent OUT :)

Selena's gotten so good at her scooter.

Hammock from Yucatán via Eagle Pass :)

When mami is in charge vs. when daddy is in charge, hahaha

Caleb wanted to wear my Fitbit one day. I had shared with him that I walk at least 10,000 steps every day, and he said he could probably do more. So even though it was a drizzly day, we went out and got our steps in! Caleb was at 10,400 before bedtime and extremely proud of himself 😁

Absolutely loving these moments.

Ben and I teamed up and gave Caleb a home haircut. Not bad!

I've gotten the kids really involved in my gardening this year. From planting, to watering, to fertilizing, to pruning, they're invested now! We high-fived all around in celebration of my rosebush's first bloom!

These are uncertain times in the world. But in my home, we are embracing each other and living little miracles every day.

Video clips here :)

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