May 2020

by Jess Fw June. 04, 2020 184 views

It's not even summer yet and we're already all sun-toasted! At 10am, 2pm, and 5pm: we walk a mile. Or bike ride, or scooter...

I'm really missing my work, if I'm honest. I miss being in my car by myself listening to NPR, I miss getting dressed up and I very much miss my SHOES. I miss the gym, I miss window shopping, I miss checking out a new restaurant during lunch.

But at the same time, I LOVE this time away from all that right now. Look at these smart, strong, adventurous children!

They're working together, they're learning everything about our neighbors and our neighborhood, and they're teaching and loving each other 🥰

I can catch more pictures of the girls while we are out because they are by my side, unlike Caleb who is usually running circles around us in his bike, ha. Last summer, he tried his bike with training wheels a few times but never really picked it up or felt comfortable with it. This month, he went from being shy on training wheels to full-out NO training wheels full-speed.

On a windy day, flying a kite. That $1 pizza kite has gone a long way!

This does look a little like a crime scene, but the kids got such a kick out of it! They all wanted to be traced and decorated.

Then Caleb insisted on tracing me as well... and I guess Jazzy is helping, ha.

And Ben got a turn too.

I caught Jazzy up in the top bunk, she climbed up all by herself! And that's her expression when I told her she needed to come down, ha.

Mother's Day. I bought myself flowers, bought myself lunch and sat by myself in my car to eat and listen to Fiona Apple's new album. 🤷‍♀️

Winding down on school work. No kindergarten graduation ceremony for Caleb but that's ok :)

On a drizzly day, we take our walk with umbrellas. And when the rain stops, well we MUST re-do the chalk outlines that were washed away.

A little social distancing rule breaking to visit my sis! La Tejana street tacos and our own concoction of Flamas, salsa verde, and lime, yummmm

Who needs the gym when you can pull a wagon full of kids?!

Selena loves her dresses and asks me to fix her hair every morning. Jasmine, on the other hand... does not care for hair fixing.

My garden blooms coming in!

We have the park walking path completely memorized. We could probably walk it all blindfolded, haha

It's bubble machine time! Jazzy loooooves bubbles!

Had to get my turn posing with the roses. Been feeling super extra Mexican lately, ha, is that a thing?

Masks for the kids came in the mail just in time to celebrate uncle Clarence's birthday.

Yes I know babies under 2 don't really need a mask, but I knew Jazzy was going to want one if she saw the other 2 kids wearing one (and I was right). And with a pacifier in her mouth, look the mask wasn't even snug on her face so she was fine 😉

On hotter evenings, we go to the back yard instead of taking another walk. We can make anything work 💗

Video clips are here :)

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Shirleas 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing! I really love the photoblog so I can look at those little faces anytime I want.

8 months, 4 weeks ago Edited