July 2020 snaps

by Jess Fw August. 06, 2020 222 views

Our park playground opened back up! The joy!!!

Forget the walking trail, now I can't get these kids out of the playground. I don't mind one bit :)

On the girls' day off from daycare for the holiday, Ben and I took them to the zoo. They did so well! Big brave girls!

Ok, the hippo was a little scary for Chelly but still :)

Independence Day portraits. My babies growing into actual "kids" 😭

The park by Welita & Big Ben's house.

I usually get my hair trimmed about every 6 months, but I hadn't been to a salon for almost a year this time around. I was excited to style it and put on makeup, only to realize that I had to wipe off the lipstick because of the mask deal. Will I ever wear lipstick again?! Awww

Happy birthday, Welita Shirleas :)
The girls trying on Great Grandma Elsie's hats, haha

We were at the playground pretty much every single evening this month. Jazzy caught on quick and imitates everything the bigger kids do.

Ever seen a kid's teeth x-rays??? Terrifying. 😮

Then my mami and daddy came to visit!

(Selena was too preoccupied with bees and bugs to pose for a picture)

All the abuelitos!

Swimming in Londia's brand new pool

Trying to stay cool on a very hot hot day

Feels like we've done a lot of kid teeth stuff recently. Selena had an itty bitty cavity in one molar, and Caleb had an orthodontics consultation because he's lost 2 molars ahead of schedule.

Thankfully, overall we are staying healthy, happy, and strong! 🤸‍♀️💪

Video clips of July here :)

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